The Women We Know

I was recently featured on an Instagram Profile called The Women We Know.

When I decided to share my story I did not really realize how many strangers would read and comment. This year marks 30 years after losing my 20 month old daughter Leslie from a car accident. I have told my story many times, but for some reason this year I wanted to do something to honour her.

I spent over an hour on the phone and many emails back and forth with Brette who captured my words.  I now realize that I needed someone else to write about my memories.  Each story she has been sharing tell stories of Real Women in about 300 words.

Thank you Brette for capturing the true heart of my loss and maybe someone somewhere will read and take comfort to share their own story with you.

If you have a moment please click on the link to read more

There are many heartfelt feature stories.

My husband Kent took this photo!

My husband Kent took this photo!

A New Decade

Yes it's only a number, but turning 60 is a bit scary.  I've decided that instead of hiding behind the number, I should embrace the number and what this number means. 

I figured out that my boss and the boarder guard have probably checked my licence or passport! So they know the number!

I recently travelled to Montana to celebrate the big day.  I spent the entire week being active golfing, riding horses, biking and kayaking. It feels good to be busy and active.  I realized that the reason I was tired at the end of the week was that I was just starting to relax. Next holiday away needs to be a minimum of 10 days.  The day turned into a week and now I'm thinking we should keep on celebrating! I also realize that when you mention that you just celebrated a birthday there are others that are celebrating as well! 

I am so grateful for my family and for my health.  I am active and love life.  I am tired when I crawl into bed at night, but I know that I have put in 100% at the end of each day!

My message in this short BLOG is to say thank you for reading and stay active each day. Get outside and enjoy what life has to offer. If you are wondering my secret to staying young and healthy it really is simple.  Stay hydrated, get lots of sleep, exercise, eating a balanced diet and take high quality supplements. I have had many complements over the past few weeks that I do not look 60 years old (or act it :)), but I can honestly say that I take care of my body from the inside. I also use an incredible science based skincare line that I love.

If you are interested in some of these products, just ask. I am here for you and truly want the best for you too!

Stay tuned for more adventures!


A beautiful FriesIan named Duchess in Montana   

A beautiful FriesIan named Duchess in Montana


Be Radiant for Summer

I am very excited to be co hosting an exciting program just in time for summer.  Our new
28 Day Be Radiant for Summer Program launches on June 4th.  My co-host and partner Nancy Crites just delivered a similar program in March. It was a great success and we are ready for you again! If you missed that one, you are just in time to join us in June.

It is so rewarding to support people in their wellness journeys.  Read the following questions and honestly say to yourself......yes I think I might need some guidance and support.

Do you have a few pounds to lose? Are you having trouble sleeping or have little energy? Is your digestion out of whack or are you eating too much sugar?? Are you eating out too much and just need a few good recipes? Join us in June.

It's not magic; it’s simply smart, balanced eating, meditation, mindfulness and much more.

The entire program is done through whole foods, healthy smoothies, and top-rated supplements, so it keeps you healthy, satisfied, and (the most important part) teaches you a way of eating that becomes your lifestyle.

The program will include professional coaching from Nancy Crites, Certified Holistic Nutritionist. You will receive a personal one on one health assessment, weekly calls, Facebook support group, eating plans, recipes, grocery lists, lifestyle tips, exercise suggestions, guided meditations, qigong, journaling and other practices to support a healthy body, mind and spirit.

We will support you all the way.  Please click here to register and read more.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!


28 Day Be Radiant

Being at the Right Place at the Right Time

I honestly get ideas of what to write on my Blog as I walk to work a few mornings a week to the golf course. This morning I was trying not to think about how cold is was and that it was snowing again and that my hands were cold because I forgot to wear mitts and my ears were cold because I never wear a hat! :) Long sentence....but this is when I started to think about working at the golf course.

I moved to Turner Valley in the February 2013.  At the time I was still teaching downtown and commuting. Those days were long. I continued to commute and then in the winter of 2014 my mother was very sick and I travelled back and forth to Toronto to help take care of her. My mother died in May of 2014 and I just wanted to stay close to home.  I did not want to commute to the city.

Here is where the title of this Blog begins!  In June 2014 I walked over to the golf course and asked if they might be hiring.  I just wanted to be outside.  Can you believe that they said YES, but we only have a "Starter" position they said.  A Starter (for non golfers) is the person that makes sure each foursome tees off at the correct time and keeps the flow of the day going.  Secretly that is what I wanted to do. I was actually famous...the 1st Lady Starter of the Turner Valley Golf Course! I had a few shifts a week, met new people and got over my fear of the microphone by having to announce foursomes to the Tee Box. It was a wonderful summer. I had been in the right place at the right time.

And the plot our year end pizza staff party I heard someone in Marketing was leaving.  I turned to the GM and said I would like to apply for that position.  I was in the right place at the right time.  This position turned into a Marketing and Tournament Coordinator position. I am delighted that I can walk to work a few days a week, play golf in the summer and still have time for my home business. I'm living the healthy lifestyle I love and sharing that with everyone I meet!

Do you have a similar story of being in the right place at the right time?  Leave a comment tell me about how it happened to you.  You just never know what will come into your life.  You just have to ASK! You are meant to meet the people that make a difference in your life!!

Spring is coming!  

sitting on my deck

Daily Commute - Spring News

A few times a week I walk to the Golf Course where I work part time as the Corporate Tournament Coordinator.  In the summer I ride my bike.  The travel time is 10 minutes in the winter and about 2 minutes in the summer.  I chose to live outside of the city of Calgary in Alberta about 5 years ago. It's not for everyone, but it is definitely for me.  Here is a photo from my commute this morning.  

I spent many years travelling in a car in traffic, so I do understand that stress. If you have a good audio to listen to that is always the best. My commute to the city was 1 hour, so a good coffee and radio station also helped to pass the time.

I realized that I was already living a healthy life so I partnered with USANA Health Sciences about 7 years ago.  It was difficult at first to find the time with commuting downtown and then starting a job at the Golf Course. I seemed to always find time to offer friends and family healthy options to support their health needs. It's time now to launch a program that I am confident will help you get healthy and stay healthy!

On April 2nd I will be partnering with Nancy Crites, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist to run a 28 Day Be Healthy Program, just in time for spring. 

Please visit the Be Healthy section of this website to learn more about this program. We are hosting a 30 minutes inforamtion call on Tuesday March 20th at 6:30pm MST. Register now by clicking HERE

I look forward to helping you find a balance to live a healthy lifestyle.


I stumbled upon this beauty on my walk!!

I stumbled upon this beauty on my walk!!

Love what you do

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do." —Steve Jobs

Steve says it all in one small sentence. Do you love what you do? Let me tell you the hardest thing to do in life is make a change. I have made a few changes in my life. It takes patience and lots of support to take the first step. 

If you are not happy, especially as we start the new year, that is the 1st sign. I have learned by the positive changes I have made in my life. As I continue on this Blog journey I will share with you where I have been and where I have come in life. The whole point of this journey is to inspire you. When I first moved to Alberta almost 20 years ago I had a young family that I was raising on my own.  When we first moved I was looking for a new job. My children were in Grade 3, 8 and 9 so while they were at school I looked for work, enrolled in computer courses and did something for me.  The something I did was follow my passion for skiing. I also enrolled in courses to upgrade my computer skills.  Both of these changes led me to a new job working in computer training and becoming a much more athletic skier. These are both still passions of mine, but without the first step they might have just been hobbies.

This week I have taken time away to work on the next steps. Time away from my home and from day to day schedules and to be recharged. The funny thing is to be recharged I also have to be active. Since you now know my winter activity is skiing, that is what I will do this week. Stay tuned for action shots from the slopes.

Yours in inspiration