Be Radiant for Fall

This morning the furnace came on in the house it was 17C. I do love the change in seasons, but not sure I’m ready just yet for the white stuff.

I thought I would let you know that I am co-hosting our 3rd Be Radiant Program starting September 24th. Are you feeling a little overwhelmed about getting out of your routine this summer when it comes to eating? Have you been invited to too many BBQ’s or Pot Lucks and just need to get back to basics?

If so, please check out this short video recorded this week that introduces the Be Radiant Program. There is still time to join us and I would love to have you in our group.

I know I absolutely have more success when I have accountability each week.

You can also check out my co-hosts website, Nancy Crites who brings her expertise of Holistic Nutrition and QiGong to our group

Leave a comment or text me to say “Im in” :)



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