New Adventures

What does 2019 have in store for you? Do you have some cool adventures planned? I would love to hear!

I have just realized that day to day life in my household in changing. My husband retired from his job of 27 years this month. I have been joking that my mornings will never be the same again. Today it finally hit home that he did not leaving the house at 4am to drive to the city.

I have a routine in the morning and I’m going to stick to it. We have the best massage chair. Each morning I sit there while I wake up, have my hot water and lemon, read a few pages of inspiration, write in my journal and check Social Media and email. This takes about 20 minutes. Then….most mornings I go downstairs and follow a workout plan. This morning walking downstairs was a bit painful as we skied yesterday and my quads were taking to me all the way down the stairs.

I need a routine each morning it works for me! What about you?

So new adventures, the title of this BLOG post is exactly that….there will be lots in the next few months. Since I am still working (part-time) building my home business my days off this winter will be spent skiing….mid week and no more weekends! In the summer camping, golfing, biking and paddling…can’t wait!

And a new grandson coming in April….so exciting

SO another adventure this spring as we plan to drive across Canada to Quebec, where we will meet Arthur’s baby brother! I look forward to this journey and am excited to be a Grandma again. Another reason for this journey is to attend my nephews wedding in Toronto. It will be great to see brothers and sister-in-laws that I have not seen for years!
It has been over 20 years since I drove across Canada, from Ontario to Alberta in search of something new and exciting. It will be so wonderful to see this great country again!

What’s happening for you?

I look forward to sharing this adventure with you and also look forward to hearing about the excitement in your life. Leave a comment or connect with me via email and let’s catch up!


HEading to the Calgary Stampede 2018

HEading to the Calgary Stampede 2018