20 Years Ago.....

It was 20 years ago............
I decide to pack up at the age of 40 with my three amazing children and start a new life in Calgary Alberta. We had lived for 10 years in a small town in Ontario and it was time to move on to different opportunities.

We had a family meeting talked about the pro's and con's and decided to take a chance. We packed up our house and packed our Van and started our week long journey driving across Canada. We drove from a small town called Brighton, outside of Toronto and drove across the country. We had a place to live and the kids all walked to their new school up the street!

For some reason I decided to have a professional photo taken....this was the photo! 
No digital photos 20 years ago, so someday I will find some more of our adventure across Canada! 

I started over and while kids were in school, I looked for work.

Fast forward 20 years. I have worked in the IT field, started my own Training and Consulting company and now work at a golf course part time and live my dream being an Entrepreneur supporting others with their health and wellness. My children are now living in Quebec Canada, London UK and Hamburg Germany.  They still come home to Alberta.

If you are looking for help to deal with your health, stress or aging...talk to ME. I've walked the walk, come share your story with me!!

Daniel (13), Lindsay (14) and Matthew (9) 1998

Daniel (13), Lindsay (14) and Matthew (9) 1998