Looking ahead to 2019

It is the time of year when we have long lists of things to do! I always lose my list, so I now secured my list on my phone!

Are your lists getting shorter? If you are like me I leave everything to the last minute. I have been this way my entire life. However I am never LATE for an appointment, in fact I’m always early. These characteristics are Gemini, I know it!

As the busyness of the season is upon us, I wanted to reminder you of our 28 Day Be Radiant for Winter Program. It’s the best way to get back on track after the holidays.

You will...
* enjoy low glycemic foods
* be energized
* clean up your digestion
* kick sugar to the curb
* support your liver health
* control cravings, hunger and mood swings
* love your healthy, glowing complexion
* enjoy eating delicious smart food in restaurants
* enjoy powerful superfoods
* eat mindfully
* sleep like a baby

It's not magic; it’s simply smart, balanced eating, meditation, mindfulness and much more.

The entire program is done through whole foods, healthy smoothies, and top-rated supplements, so it keeps you healthy, satisfied, and (the most important part) teaches you a way of eating that becomes your lifestyle.

The program will include professional coaching from Nancy Crites, Certified Holistic Nutritionist. You will receive a personal one on one health assessment, weekly calls, Facebook support group, eating plans, recipes, grocery lists, lifestyle tips, exercise suggestions, guided meditations, qigong, journaling and other practices to support a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Your only cost to the program are the suggested supplements & food. 
The professional coaching has been added a special bonus for YOU.

Please CLICK HERE for all the program details.

I would like to wish you all a very Happy and Healthy Holiday and thank you for your continued support in 2018.

Healthy Hugs