Simple Pleasures

I just returned from 10 days in Montana. It’s a place my husband and I enjoy to go as it’s only a three hour drive. After a long season working at the golf course, it was nice to get away… another golf course! (Smile)

We have golfing, biking and horses available everyday. These are my simple pleasures in summer and fall. The picture you see here was part of a wedding photo shoot with horses and riders. I was the “Older” Bride of the group! My husband Kent took at least 400 photos! It was fun to play dress up for a few hours. It was a simple pleasure that day!

When life gets busy, it’s nice to enjoy simple pleasures. Leave a comment and let me know what it is you enjoy doing that doesn’t take so much time and energy. Is it going for a walk through the leaves or taking a drive in the country? At this time of year as we prepare for winter I think it’s important to get outside everyday. The winter is long and although the days can be sunny we tend to stay indoors.

So during these last few weeks of fall enjoy each day, find something simple to do to find some joy. Your body needs to store up this healthy energy for cold and flu season and for surviving our winter.

If you tend to catch every cold or want to protect your immune system leading up to winter I have a solution that will work for you!

I would love to hear from you. Maybe this little encouragement is all you needed today to find a simple pleasure. Please share!

Have a wonderful week wherever you are today!

Beautiful Zoey with the wedding dressed-up older Bride Julie!

Beautiful Zoey with the wedding dressed-up older Bride Julie!