Program Overview

We have successfully run this program each season, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall!

Our next Be Radiant Program begins January 21st, 2019


Feel energized and healthy and enjoy a fresh start!

You will...

  • enjoy low glycemic foods

  • be energized

  • clean up your digestion

  • kick sugar to the curb

  • support your liver health

  • lose cravings, hunger and mood swings

  • love your healthy, glowing complexion

  • enjoy eating delicious smart food in restaurants

  • enjoy powerful superfoods

  • eat mindfully

  • sleep like a baby

I am excited to be co-hosting this program with Certified Holistic Nutritionist Nancy Crites who has been hosting 28 day programs for over 10 years now and can emphatically say that this program really works. It's not magic; it’s simply healthy, smart, balanced eating.

The entire program is done through whole foods, healthy smoothies, and top-rated supplements, so it keeps you healthy, satisfied, and (the most important part) teaches you a way of eating that becomes your lifestyle.

The program will include guidance from Nancy our Certified Holistic Nutritionist, personal one on one assessment, weekly calls, Facebook support group, eating plans, recipes, grocery lists, lifestyle tips, exercise suggestions, guided meditations, qigong, journaling and other practices to support a healthy body, mind and spirit.

28 Day Be Radiant Program, delivered online via videos, handouts, and action steps      

  • 6-30 min Recorded Coaching Zoom Calls Q&A Style

  • 2 – 30 min LIVE Office Hours to chat with Nancy about your 28 Day experience

  • 28 Day Supply of the following products to cleanse, rebalance and support your health.

    • #1 rated multivitamins in North America

    • #1 rated fish oil in North America

    • A powerful anti-oxidant

    • Healthy, delicious smoothie base

    • Liver support with dandelion, milk thistle, turmeric and more

    • low glycemic smoothie base, vegan and vegetarian options available

Your support products will be delivered fresh from the manufacturer right to your doorstep.

Program starting at $199

WHole food recipes, smoothies and more

WHole food recipes, smoothies and more


We have so many recipes to share with you and will provide those for you when the program opens.  We will also share grocery lists and tips to reading food labels.

Take a look at a few samples here!

One on One calls, weekly support and more

One on One calls, weekly support and more

Motivation & Inspiration

The program will include professional coaching from Nancy Crites, Certified Holistic Nutritionist. You will receive a personal one on one health assessment, weekly calls, Facebook support group, eating plans, recipes, grocery lists, lifestyle tips, exercise suggestions, guided meditations, qigong, journaling and other practices to support a healthy body, mind and spirit.

You will learn how to
• Select low glycemic foods
• Cleanse, and support your liver health
• Learn to control cravings, hunger and mood swings by balancing your blood sugar
• Achieve a more healthy, glowing complexion from detoxing and proper nutrition
• Make wise choices in restaurants
• Choose powerful superfoods!
• Read food labels.
• Make healthy choices while travelling.
• Identify and avoid emotional eating.
• Have more restful sleep

FB Support Group and daily emails

suppporting you from the inside

suppporting you from the inside

Cellular Nutrition

For more than 25 years, USANA has been researching and innovating ways to deliver the right nutrients your body needs to be at its best. We  will guide and support you with the proper pharmaceutical grade cellular nutrition from USANA Health Sciences. 

You will receive a one on one Health Assessment with Nancy Crites, Certified Holistic Nutritionist. She will recommended the best products for you so that you will be successful during our program.

January 2019 program started

New program starting Spring 2019


Thank you Nancy and Julie for your guidance and support through the 28 day program. When I started the program I had no energy it was like carrying a very heavy load. As the days progressed the load became lighter and lighter. I enjoyed the support on the website, all the great recipes, and the inspiration to keep moving forward. Thank you again. KC
Thank you! I been very sick and suffered debilitating symptoms for many years. After 2 weeks of taking the USANA CellSentials, Proflavonal C, and Biomega. My bowels are functioning regularly, my immune system is stronger then ever- if I feel an ear ache, headache, or sinus infection coming they do not manifest, they disappear! My chronic pain has lessened and I is feel very happy and encouraged! Joan S.

I can’t thank you enough, I have been taking the CellSentials and BioMega for only a week and this is the first Saturday in a long time I cleaned my condo top to bottom. Normally I am in bed until 11:00 at least after a week of work I am bagged. I have great energy at work now too! Fran W

“The benefits I have experienced with The Program are many! No migraines, better sleep, I actually need less sleep to feel rested, I have more energy with a noticeable change in mood for the better, and consistent weight loss. I just feel good! I have lost 32.2 lbs of my goal of 47 lbs total since January.” Jennifer M
“I highly recommend The 28 Day Program! I really appreciated the in-depth and personal experience. I found Nancy’s coaching to be very valuable, the accountability factor was important, as was her compassion. I would definitely recommend this program! ~Wendy M

The 28 Day Program was a life-changer for me. After a few days I had a my missing spark back! I was amazed, then relieved, at not only ridding cravings but that my sleep was better and my clothes fit much better too. After the program was over, I have actually lost inches and inches and inches off my stomach.” ~Melissa S

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